A suite of software solutions to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and performance.

Why Exceleras?

Exceleras is a leading provider of default software solutions for banks, servicers, sub servicers, capital market groups, and other mortgage and real estate industry professionals.

Exceleras software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions include the DispoSolutions Real Estate Owned (REO), ValueSolutions Valuation, Short Sale, and ClearView Offer Management platforms. The systems can be used together or a la carte.

Why do clients need Exceleras? They need to manage assets that are both pre-foreclosure and post-foreclosure as well as manage the process for obtaining valuations for real estate assets. Exceleras’s systems assist in creating transparency, capturing communication and documents, and providing a "pre-packaged" workflow of automated tasks and notices for default and short sale processes.


Our client roster includes some of the top financial services institutions in the United States who point to ease-of-use, flexibility, low start-up costs, automation, and superior customer service as reasons for selecting and remaining with Exceleras.

  • Developed in partnership with Client-Users
  • Complies with SSAE 16 security standards
  • Hosted at primary and fully redundant back-up facilities with both data and physical security standards that exceed GLB requirements
  • Easily integrated with other platforms (System of Record, etc.)
  • Low start-up cost with quick setup and training
  • True Workflow Technology (vs. database)

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